​​Custom Choral arrangements

​I'll Rise- choral with lead notes

Sending Me Angels- easy choral 

Lullaby- small ensemble arrangement

​Simple Gifts- complex bgvs for child choir on a studio recording jazz arrangement

All of These in You- commissioned original for a men's choir at Mother's Day

Charting and Arranging

Erin can make band charts from recordings, transposed, edited, and rearranged for your performance situation. Erin also regularly creates custom choral arrangements, studio backup vocals arrangements, mashup maps, and more for professional and private contexts.  

Recent chart samples, in various formats

Just Do You - band chart form

David Danced- including actual melody line

Fireflies - lyric/chord sheet form

In My Arms - lyric/chord sheet with intro riff

Born at the Right Time- including bgv parts

Erin McGaughan 

Songwriting Commissions

Erin creates custom songs in a wide range of genres for industrial, religious, and personal contexts.  Some samples below. 

Chants and easy tunes

I Am That I Am - Funky Names of God -funk

Baruch Hashem Adonai - jewish chant

​​Holy Jig -Irish folk

There is Something Deeper -contemporary pop mantra

5 Basics, Plus 12 Powers - teaching song

Cekiyayo -chant for the Lakota four-directions blessing

Assalamu Aleikum -easy  affirmation

Feature tunes

City of God -theatrical intro based on Rumi

Yes it Is -humorous blues

You Got a Light -traditional gospel style, for award show

Here's to You Baby -Christmas jazz ballad

I Can Do That -60's Detroit pop, for ordination

Roll Away the Stone -Easter Rock

The Magic Is Inside - for young kids Christmas play

Ministers and Music Directors - 

check out the Ministries resource page for more, and ask about tithe-based access to the full originals library of 300+ tunes.