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​NT Music Ministry Quick Start

In Praise of Mainstream Music (email for database access)

​​5 Crucial Songleading Techniques   

10 Ways to Freshen YOur Music Ministry

Contact me for help on these topics and more including Multi-media Worship Arts, Quality Assurance, Resolving Staff conflicts, Appreciative Inquiry, How to Book Artists, and much more. 

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Shamanic Practice -Rosenberger 

​Spiritual Visioning Roadmap - Beckwith

Music in Ministry Handbook - Mekdeci/Riley

Service Repertoire

Empower Music And Arts

Musicnotes digital sheet music

Contact me for help finding repertoire that fits your ministry's profile, demographics and values. 


Consults for your ministry are tithe-based, so all ministries are invited to contact me for support, no matter what your finances look like.  

Erin McGaughan 


Meeting planners:  I'm thrilled to customize to your group's goals, for measurable impact, not just an entertaining dog-n-pony show.      

Make Me an Instrument
Do you sing, paint, write, dance, play, or create for your Divine?  

And would you like some humans to appreciate it, too?   

This session explores what it means to be an  artist in service, embodying and empowering full expression of Spirit in your community.   

Come and crack open a treasure trove of spiritual gold:   bliss and fear, illusion and revelation, pride and shame, jealousy, empathy, discipline, connection and much more.  Highly interactive.    
For artists of any discipline, any level.  120-180 mins.

5 Crucial Techniques for Worship Leading
Humans learned early: group singing makes a strong tribe.  In this fun and supportive context, singers learn specific techniques in timing, tone, body language and eye contact that solidify a group in song.   Based on my recent paper, this energizing, interactive session will bump up your leading skills, and amplify your grouo's singalong satisfaction.

For singers of moderate skill and up. 90-120 mins. Mic recommended.

Choral Core Strength

What's your choir's primary job?  Is it doing it?   
Too often choirs waste their time on outdated strategies, repertoire, exercises and performance habits that worked for some other choir in some other world.  In this highly interactive, fun and very noisy session, we'll find the real leverage points and focus your choir's power.  For most ministries, the choir gives more volunteer hours than any other single group, so let's make those hours golden.   

For any church choir.  2-3 hours, or full day retreat.  Requires a focused consultation with the director in advance.   


Present to Win

How's your stage presence?   How do you KNOW?  
Whether you're a brand new platform speaker dealing with nerves and mic technique, or you're an experienced minister who'd like to break out of your pigeon hole, this session teaches you to use your body language for maximum leverage. I bring my experience as a TED Talk coach and union stage actor, so you can deliver your gifts, right here and now, every time. 

For general audience. 90-120 mins. Mic recommended

So Many Faces of God

video created by Lori Sandoval of Paris Lights Photography

featuring Rafe Pearlman, Laura Berman and Stefan Mitchell

Worship Arts: Connected and Alive
What we used to call “music ministry” exploded into the Technicolor field of Worship Arts  --   music, movement, liturgy, visuals, digital media, experiential and interactive worship, and entirely new forms of community engagement in worship.   It's deep and dangerous, connected and alive, and natural to all of us.  What is a Worship Artist?   You are.  For ministry leaders and stakeholders. 2-3 hours.

Some recent originals from church

Email for charts and access to full library

Unity Chant - midtempo, diversity

Hear O Israel - shma prayer call/response

5 Basics + 12 Powers - Unity teaching tune
Cekiyayo -  Four Directions blessing
Oh Oh I Got to let Go - uptempo 
Stand for Love - disco singalong

​Strong to Love - slow, present moment
​All That I Am - slow affirmation
This is the Day - blues, easy, welcome song

Hallelujah Sing to the New Day - welcome song

​There is a Gift -  meditation chant
I See the Spirit - retro uptempo
Baruch Hashem Adonai - jewish thanks

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Useful traditionals

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