Speaking and Presentation - Erin spent two years with the TEDxRainier team, recruiting, selecting, editing, coaching and managing speakers.  (Check out some of the talks here.)  She's studied homiletics and coached ministerial students, as well as Toastmasters leaders, corporate presenters, and worship leaders, with particular focus on body language and audience rapport.  

Songwriting  -  Erin's spiritual songs are performed in New Thought venues all over North America, and appear in anthologies from  Hal Leonard, Unity Association and more.  She's an honoree and judge for the Empower Posi Awards, and helps her songwriting students get their songs heard, recorded and published.  

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Group Workshops

Masters of Body Language  
Did you know we're judged in the first 7 seconds of visual contact, primarily based on body language?  Yet too many of us are barely literate in this most native human language.  Using video and highly interactive exercises, we'll explore how body language tells the truth about status, condition, and relationship.  We touch the core of audience connection, beyond do's and don'ts, whether you're on stage, in the classroom, or Ballroom B.   Preview teaser:  it's not size, it's the motion. 

For general audience, all skill levels.   90-120 mins


Writing songs is natural, and with good tools, it can be easy, too.   Using several proven models, some classic structures and fun, new exercises, we can create, complete and share songs in the session itself.   Even newbies find themselves completing a decent 12 bar blues, and even advanced songwriters find epiphanies in models like Kay Pere's 'Seasonal' model of creativity, the 'Doors In' creative model, or the Enneagram targeting model.    
For general audience, all skill levels.   60-120 mins.  

The Complete Vocal Workout

Speakers, actors, and presenters of all kinds need to develop and maintain their vocal instrument.  But how do you do that at home?  In this fun, active and noisy session, we develop a plan for routine vocal maintenance that fitsyour particular field, whether it's teaching, preaching, singing, acting, or whatever.  

For general audience, all skill levels.   60-120 mins.  

Beyond the Artist's Way
In the real world, not everyone loves my art.  What do I do?  Sneer? Sell out? Give up? Change? Don't change?  
For 13 years, Erin has led a network of 200+ artists in the Pacific Northwest, working through these more tangled parts of the artist's path:  finding audience and community connection.  
In this highly interactive workshop we crack open the artistic treasure trove and peek at our angels and demons:  ego, bliss, jealousy, illusion, judgment, discipline, risk, pride, shame, growth, and much more.  ​

For artists of any discipline, any level.  120-180 mins.


Private studio coaching in Seattle. 
$90/hr, scaleable for artists making <40k.  3 hrs min.

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Erin has coached and directed hundreds of professional performers, artists and presenters, as well as nurtured novices through their first gigs.  She uses video and gig-focused training to get measurable results.  

Auditioning -- Erin holds a masters in acting, with full training in a wide range of voice, text, and physical styles.   She was a professional stage actor for 10 years and still holds her AEA card.  She's taught acting at the elementary, high school, and college levels, but currently focuses on adult pro and semi-pro students.   

Singing - With several commercial CD's, Erin is also an active studio vocalist, director and live gig vocalist. She is fully trained in classical bel canto technique, but draws from jazz training and stage schools including Linklater, Rodenburg, Berry, etc. to coach mostly pop and contemporary styles.  

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