Chants and Singalongs

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Interested in learning more about singalongs and chants?   Check out Erin's paper on worship leading technique on the Ministries resource page. 

There is Only God

10 tracks of chants and singalongs for affirmation, praise and thanks.


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Ministers and Music Directors - 

check out theMinistriesresource page for more, and ask about tithe-based access to the full originals library of 300+ tunes.  

Let That Voice Be Your Voice

super songbook ​-  charts for 80+ songs, including all tunes from Rising High/Going Deep, There is Only God and Pilgrimage collections.  $30.  E-Delivery only.

Here's a  sample page and 

table of contents. 

That Good Thing

10 tracks of New Thought gold. Science of Mind magazine called it " professional as it gets... graceful, subtle, sophisticated and fun...".   

Erin McGaughan 

So Many Faces of God 

Single featuring Rafe Pearlman, Laura Berman, Stefan Mitchell, the Seattle Unity house band and community singers.   

That Good Thing

songbook ​- charts for all the songs from the That Good Thing collection.

$20.  E-delivery only.

Here'a  sample page and 

table of contents. 


Email Erin for songbooks, transpositions, backing tracks and other services.  


10 interfaith chants inspired by journeys through Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Taoist, Yoruba, Muslim, and New Thought sources.  Recommended by Sound Connections magazine.