The older I get, the shorter my bio gets.  I have a great life. 

Short bio info here.
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Unnecessarily thorough CV here.

For other opinions about me, ask the people below.
​They're all amazing professionals, and they really know me.  I asked them to give me just one word.  You can contact them to hear more. ​Or just look them up because they're all great.


 "Exuberant" -- says Dr. Karen Drucker, powerhouse New Thought leader, artist and counselor

"Audacious" -- says Rev.
John McLean,senior minister of Unity of Nashville and holy man about town

"Brilliance" -- says 
Laura Berman, leading NT singer/songwriter and Jewish delight

"Delicious" -- says 
Marianne Lewis, radically groovy soloist, and assistant choir director for Agape International, the largest choir in the NT movement

"Astounding" -- says Rev.
Karen Lindvig, senior minister of Seattle Unity and a delight to work for

"FUNny" -- says 
Ray Davis, stunningly talented performer in residence at Agape International

"Dyn-o-mite" -- says 
Beverly Daugherty, heroic music director at CSL Seattle, and successful NT touring artist herself, also a former boss of mine

"Ally" -- says 
Rafe Pearlman, mystic hipster rock shaman 

"Diva-licious" -- says Rev.
Eric Odel, long-time CSL music director, senior minister of Amazing Grace Spiritual Center, as well as founding conductor of Spirit of the Sound choir.  Also a former boss, as well as founder of the seminal Alice B Theatre. And a yoga teacher. And professional playwright.  Also songwriter.  And and and...  

Stefan Mitchell, leading NT musician and secretly hilarious storyteller
Kelley Johnson – jazz vocals, jazz instruction
Tiffany Wilson– soul and R&B vocals
Matthew Wilson – vocals, commercial studio work
Dina Martina - ugly beautiful drag and cabaret
Michael Stillwater – New Thought chant and song
Ty Andrews – vocals, songwriting
Nathen Aswell - vocals, guitar/bass, songwriting, keynoting Alexandra Kronz - visual artist, dancer, actor, singer

​Jeff Fielder - blues guitar and vocals

Fair Trade Music - for a livable, sustainable music industry


Erin McGaughan 

Olivia Hamilton – bass. vocals, instruction
Patrick Stevens – classical piano, instruction

Kirsten deLohr Helland – actor, singer

Leah Mann - dancer, director, choreographer, teacher 
Becca Palm – music direction, recording, keys, vocals
Gina Sala – chant, kirtan, vocals, voice instruction
​Jimmie Herrod- singer, songwriter, teacher, actor
Sean Bendickson - mult-instrumentalist, music director
Anna Boynton - TEDx speaker coach, event producer
Jay Kenney– audio engineering, Audiologic studio
Cheri Neill – music direction, jazz and gospel keys
Sara Porkalob - actor, director, insectional activist
​Thaddeus Spae - folk music god
Darrius Willrich – keys, vocals, songwriting, jazz instruction
Justin Huertas – actor, singer, playwright, songwriter, cello
David Loy – keys, charting, studio recording
Lori Sandoval – photography, studio recording
John Stout – drums, piano instruction

Shaunyce Omar - actor, gospel vocalist, and worship leader 

More fascinating and fabulous artists.